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To thrive and excel in today's career market, you have to have a foundational education that is a cut above the rest.

Mr. So & Co. tutors are patient and reliable. Working at the students pace with a result driven attitude. Lessons are weekly/bi-weekly, however may become more frequent during exam preparation time. 

Highly recommended tutors, who offer English or Cantonese as an instructional language. Specializing in math and science for all ages.

Meet Mr. So...

From the desk of Mr. So

Two of my form 12 students got very good results in the past A Level mathematics examination. One got an A and the other a B. The student who got an A wrote this:
"Hi Mr. So - I got an A in pure math and an A in statistics
I’m really proud of my results. Thank you for helping me throughout the year, Sir. I don’t think I would have gotten my grade without you."